Resources & Facilities


One of our goals at the HCP Learning Center is to ensure that students have the necessary tools for success. We offer excellent facilities that help to advance student initiatives. We also have an in-depth learning work-flow system designed to make the photographic process a little bit easier to learn.


Eight work stations, each equipped with an Apple computer with Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Muse, Premiere, etc), a self-calibrating 24.1 inch Eizo ColorEdge LCD monitor for precise color management, and an Epson P800 SureColor photo printer capable of producing up to 17-inch-wide archival pigment prints. Large format printing is also available on our Epson Stylus Pro 9900 44-inch printer with UltraChrome HDR Ink.

1 Epson V700 scanner
1 Epson V850 scanner

Learn How to Become a Digital Lab Pass Holder

Digital Lab Hours

The Digital Darkroom is available for all current students and HCP Members who become a Digital Lab Pass 

  • Dedicated Open Lab Hours*
    • Mondays 2PM – 6PM
    • Fridays 9AM – 1PM
    • Weekends 9AM – 7PM
  • The Digital Lab will not be available during scheduled Classes & Holidays
  • During gallery installation the Digital Lab is available by appointment only

Available any other time during office and gallery hours. To confirm availability please check the real-time calendars below or call us at 713-529-4755

(*) Open Lab Hours vary March 16th-20th,  June, and July because of Spring Break and Summer Camps. Please check the calendar for availability.

Digital Lab Class Calendar

HCP offers a great opportunity for affordable Studio Lighting!




1 – Novatron 880 strobe system (960 watt/seconds max) with 4 – 500 watt strobe heads & modeling lights
1 – Interfit EX150 strobe heads & modeling lights
3 – 650 watt Colortran halogen continuous lights
1 – 750 watt Smith Victor halogen continuous light
1 – 9’ background system with black, white & chroma key (green)
2 – Heavy duty rolling light stands
2 – PocketWizard PlusX transmitters
1 – 7′ Parabolic Umbrella with diffuser
1 – 41×74 inch Silver/White Oval Reflector Disc
1 – Smith Victor 20″ Table tent with
2 – Stabilizer Sandbags
Umbrellas, diffusers & stands

Learn How to Become a Lighting Studio Pass Holder Here

Lighting Studio Hours

The Lighting Studio is available for HCP Members that purchase a Lighting Studio Pass.

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday: 11am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 7pm

• The Lighting Studio will not be available during scheduled Classes & Holidays
• During gallery installation the Lighting Studio is available by appointment

To confirm availablity please check the real-time calendar below or call us at 713-529-4755

Lighting Studio Class Calendar

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Houston Center for Photography’s John Cleary Library is home to more than 3,800 books on photography and related subjects. Originally, the library primarily housed books that were reviewed in HCP’s SPOT magazine but it has since grown to be a comprehensive reference library on photography.

The John Cleary Library includes monographs, surveys, exhibition catalogs, instructional books, periodicals, and self-published artist books. Its home in HCP’s Learning Center is a comfortable place where all are welcome to enjoy photography in book form and share John Cleary’s passion for photography. The library is open to the public during HCP gallery hours and by appointment.

Browse Collection


JOHN CLEARY (1937-2008)

John was an avid photography collector and dealer; self-educated and highly-devoted, John helped to propel Houston’s photographic connoisseurship.

His gallery was a renowned Houston institution that was celebrated for its vintage work and timeless contemporary photographs.

John’s legacy includes more than 1,200 images of children (known as his “Kid Collection”) and several thousand books on photography.


Visit Dashwood Books


Our critique room serves as a classroom, a space for portfolio reviews, a conference room, and a screening room. The Critique Room is equipped with museum shelves, balanced lighting for portfolio reviews, tungsten lighting for photo shoots, and an automated projection screen.

The Critique Room is available for rent. Availability is subject to HCP educational and exhibition programming.

Please contact Education to reserve this space.


Please email us at education@hcponline.org or call us at 713-429-4755 to purchase a Digital Darkroom or Lighting Studio Pass.


After purchasing access to the Digital Darkoom and/or Lighting Studio, you need to schedule an Orientation session that will familiarize you with the equipment and setup of the space. This orientation is mandatory prior to use of either spaces (unless waived by the education department), but it is not required for taking workshops in the Digital Darkroom or Lighting Studio. You will be contacted to schedule an Orientation session once you have registered to use the studio space.



Digital Darkroom


Computer and Scanner Usage:

  • Member Yearly Fee: General $150, and $100 for Students (with Valid HS/College ID)
  • Member Monthly Fee: General $35, and $20 for Students (with Valid HS/College ID)

(Fee includes Orientation and use of computers and scanners)


Members interested in making their own prints in the Digital Darkroom must be familiar with the inkjet printing process. We recommend students to enroll in our Printing course to learn or refresh your knowledge on preparing your photographs and printing.

$0.05 per square inch – paper not included (Bring your own paper for printing)


  1. HCP members only
  2. Must attend Orientation session
  3. Bring your own paper for printing (standard paper is available for purchase, please ask about our stock)
  4. Must be familiar with equipment.



Lighting Studio


Lighting Studio Usage:

  • Yearly Fee: $420 HCP Members Only
  • Monthly Fee: $50 HCP Members Only

(Fee includes Orientation and use of all lighting equipment)


  • Five hours of studio time per month
  • After the five hours is used pass holders may continue to use the lighting studio at a rental rate of $25 per/hour
  • ALL Lighting Studio Equipment (click here for a detailed list)


  1. HCP members only
  2. Must attend Orientation session



Learning Center Studio Combination Pass

(Digital Darkroom & Lighting Studio Pass in one)

This pass gives you full access to all of the Learning Center studio resources!


  • Yearly Fee: $500 HCP Members Only
  • Monthly Fee: $65 HCP Members Only

(Fee includes Orientation and use of computers, scanners, and all lighting equipment)