Certificate Program

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The Learning Center at HCP offers a Certificate Program based on the workflow and creative process in photography. Following the coursework, students learn how to capture, edit, process and present their photographs while learning how to enhance their photographic skills, creative processes, and presentation.

The Certificate Program includes completing a set 19 courses (15 level classes + 4 electives from our regular educational calendar), passing written test between levels, and submitting a final portfolio review. In addition, students have the option to specialize their certificate by taking 4 additional classes in the specialized fields (or ‘Special Topics’) such as Alternative Processes, Fine Art, Landscape, Portraiture, and Business Practices. Electives in the same field of specialization can be applied towards it.

Students already enrolled in the certificate path can continue their studies following their Camera or Computer path, or apply the classes towards the new Certificate Program.

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Certificate Program, simply fill out the registration form and send it to our Education Department. There is no fee to enroll to the Certificate Program. Once you are ready to take the first written test, please contact us below.

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Introductory Level:
Photography I: Learning the Basics
Composition I: From Good to Great
Lightroom I: From Import to Image Perfection
Printing your Photographs I: the Basics
Introductory Test

Intermediate Level:
Photography II : Beyond the Basics
Composition II: Finding Your Vision
Photoshop I: Getting started
Lighting Techniques in Photography
Natural Light Portraiture OR Photographing Families
Lightroom II: Sharing your photographs
Photoshop II: Working with Layers
Printing Your Photos II: Getting the Color Right
Elective from ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Special Topics’
Elective from ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Special Topics’
Intermediate Test

Advanced Level:
Presenting Your Work: Creating a Body of Work
Presenting Your Work: Building Your Portfolio
Elective from ‘Special Topics’ calendar list
Elective from ‘Special Topics’ calendar list
Independent Study [Mentorship and Portfolio Review preparation] Portfolio Review

For a specialized field, four additonal classes in that field or genre are required.