Girls’ Own Stories is a community education program developed at HCP that uses photography, writing, video, and related media to teach young girls how to record, express, and share their life experiences.

During the program, girls are introduced to the work of various women photographers and encouraged to explore topics that matter to them, such as personal and cultural identity, gender roles, and beauty. By telling their own stories and listening to others’, the girls see that their lives and voices are important, and that they have a community within which to share them and be supported.


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“What I learned was how to like myself and appreciate what I have…”

“I like that you can talk about your feelings without anyone judging…”

“I learned how to take pictures, how to make friends, how to be open and connect with others.”


—Girls’ Own Stories students from Westchester Academy for International Studies


Girls’ Own Stories is provided in partnership with schools and community centers throughout Houston.

To learn more about Girls’ Own Stories and how you can be involved, please contact Access and Community Education Coordinator Natalie Rodgers by phone (713) 529-4755 ext. 14 or by e-mail below.

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Girls’ Own Stories, 2016
Girls’ Own Stories, 1994
Girls’ Own Stories, 1994